Hampson Custom Software has over 20 years experience designing and implementing custom software solutions.

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What do we Stand For?

Frustrated with the current crop of custom solution providers who make a habit of over-promising and under-delivering? We were, which is why Hampson Custom Software has positioned itself at the other end of the spectrum. We provide simple, well planned solutions which arrive on time and on budget.

Due to our experience spanning many industries, from manufacturing to healthcare; from logistics to finance - we have discovered the most important part of our business is learning your business. Our solutions make your employees more efficient, saving them time, and saving you money.

We undserstand that pre-packaged turn-key solutions can never fit your needs the way a directed custom solution can. By eliminating high-pressure sales people and focusing on our developers, we reduce the overhead in creating custom software, specifically tailoring it to fit the client's needs and budget.

How are we Different?

We know that our development team is our most important asset and the core of our business. Instead of hiding them in cubicles, we send our developers out to your location to meet with you and your employees. This has many benefits, including eliminating costly miscommunication regarding the project requirements and scope. Also, the development team has more opportunity to become familiar with your business, your processes, and your needs.

Unlike some custom solution providers we are capable and willing to create small applications as well as enterprise-wide solutions. We see beauty in an elegant utility application that shaves minutes off your data entry time as much as we recognize the benefits of data mining processes to support the decision making of your operations team. There is no need for every software solution to be a monolithic project requiring years in design and development, necessitating decades to see a return on your investment.