Hampson Custom Software has 18 years combined experience designing and implementing custom software solutions.

We would like to share some of our experiences solving problems for different people in different industries.

Case Study #1: Hospital Foundation

Our client was the foundation charged with the task of raising funds for their local health centre. Their fundraising techniques were second-to-none, and they were raising much needed money. The problem they faced was getting information out to the supervising physicians who could use the money to purchase new equipment and supplies. Frequently monies would sit unused just because the physicians did not know it was available.

One of the hurdles to overcome in this solution was how distributed the physicians were. They were spread across 3 different campuses, as well as some who wanted access from outside the hospital network altogether. They had access to very diverse hardware, and had dissimilar computer-use capabilities.

With hundreds of groups housing tens of funds each, and physicians each needing permission to view only their own funds, the ability to quickly administer and manage the fund-doctor relationship was paramount. The problem seemed custom-tailored for a web-based solution.

The monthly fund data was made available to us as an export from their General Ledger system. We parsed this information and pulled it into as SQL Server database. We built a custom administration tool to allow managers to assign the proper permissions to each physician, so they would be able to see all their funds, but no more. The fund reports themselves are available to the physicians in a PDF format for cross-platform readability.

The end result is a simple system that allows administrators to upload the new GL export document and change and add physician permissions as necessary. Each physician logs in to find the most recent fund information at their fingertips. With several million dollars changing hands each campaign this custom solution has made the disbursement of raised funds simpler and much more efficient.

Case Study #2: Public Health Unit

There are many Public Community heath units dotting Ontario. They act as the local source of important health-related information to citizens in their area. Our client needed a fast, easy-to-manage web site for the distribution of information. Site performance was another concern as the health unit's coverage area included over a 1/2 million citizens.

We built a custom content management system for the health unit, complete with custom administration tools to allow article to be organized, posted, and archived. We used Microsoft's Indexing Services to give the site internal search capabilities, and SQL Server as the back end. We added custom hit and volume counters so they could track which articles got the most attention over a given time span.

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